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Linux Home Lab

~ Used old Dell laptop to use it as the Server
~ Booted the laptop with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
~ Used old HDDs as Network Access Storage to be used on TrueNAS
~ Configured Rapsberry Pi 3b+ to implement Pi-Hole and Pi-VPN

System Administration

~ Small-scale workplace meeting business objectives
~ Used MS Active Directory, ESXi Server Manager, and etc.
~ Created VMs, Network Access Storages, and Servers.
~ Implemented Access Control, Server Web Hosting, and User configuration.


~ Collaborated with University of Missouri to build an open source cloud based phenotyping system using versatile functionality of Internet of Things.

Pi-Hole & Pi-VPN

~ Configured Raspberry Pi 3 on a static IP address and Homelab DNS
~ Installed Pi-Hole ad-blocker to use static IP address on the home network
~ Configured Pi-Hole to protect the home network from ads and block them.
~ Configured Pi-VPN server on the same Raspberry Pi
~ Used OpenVPN server software to set up custom VPN profile
~ Configured a custom homeserver-wide VPN server