Aspiring cyber-security junior at Purdue University with extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of computer and information technology. My current job responsibility involves analyzing, analyzing, troubleshooting and evaluating standardized systems, networks and servers to support smooth functioning of a workplace. I am experienced in C++ & Python programming language, Internet of Things, Access Control, Cryptography, and cybersecurity tools such as WireShark, OpenSSL, & Metasploit. I am currently getting my hands on Amazon Web Services and I like listening songs, cook, going to gym and play with 3D printers.
PS: I carry a screw driver in my bag...

cat Skills.txt

~ The following text shows the skills exercised and practiced by Darsh as the part of his
~ learning action in the domain of Cybersecurity and Information Technology. These skills
~ have been further categorised in the area of Programming, Cybersecurity, Troubleshooting,
~ User/System Management, Networking, & Linux.

ls ~/Projects

Linux Home Lab

~ Used old Dell laptop to use it as the Server
~ Flashed the laptop with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
~ Used old HDDs as Network Access Storage
~ Configured Rapsberry Pi 3b+ to implement Pi-Hole
~ and Pi-VPN

System Administration

~ Small-scale workplace meeting business objectives
~ Used MS Active Directory, ESXi Server Manager, and etc.
~ Created VMs, Network Access Storages, and Servers.
~ Implemented Access Control, Server Web Hosting, and User
~ configuration.


Collaborated with University of Missouri to build an open source cloud based phenotyping system using versatile functionality of Internet of Things.

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Please feel free to reach out to me to know more about my work, experience, current and upcoming projects!